Custom Stainless

  Northern Stainless does not only supply the Aquatics industry.  Stainless steel is a medium of art.  It all depends how you apply it.  What have you imagined and wanted to bring to life.  You can change your space entirely with one subtle change.  Make it a stainless one.  Northern will provide you with quality and craftsmanship, that is unheard of.  If you would like your needs met, please leave your contact info.   

Commercial/ Retail


Visualize, and then create, your desired atmosphere you want in your space.  Make your potential customers appeal to your space.  Ensure new clients are impressed by your attention to detail.  You want to portray a certain lifestyle, Northern will have your stainless needs.



Your house is an expression of one's individuality.  Add a Northern Stainless custom component to your home.  Do your dishes in a custom stainless steel sink.  Rest your arms on a sturdy stainless deck rail.  Walk up to your bedroom with a stainless steel handrail shimmering in the moonlight.  If you want stainless in your home, Northern Stainless is the place to inquire.