Standard Swimming Pool Railings & Ladders

Northern Stainless produces a wide selection stainless steel ladders and railings for residential swimming pools.  Many ladders are stock designs and are available with either stainless steel or plastic treads.



The Northern Signature consist of 3 exclusive rail designs. They are the Splendor, Serene, and Haven. Unconventional, and redefined, stainless artistry will give your pool the contemporary atmosphere. Separate your pool from your neighbours. Walk into your pool majestically. 







The Cottage Life

Being in the most northern part of North America, cottage country is one of the best terms to describe it. Enjoy North American summers by a lake, fishing off the dock, tubing on a boat, exploring the sea of deciduous and coniferous forestry. Northern Stainless provides dock ladder options for your perfect weekend getaway.

15 Degree Dock Ladder

15 Degree Dock Ladder










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Custom Stainless

  Northern Stainless does not only supply the Aquatics industry.  Stainless steel is a medium of art.  It all depends how you apply it.  What have you imagined and wanted to bring to life.  You can change your space entirely with one subtle change.  Make it a stainless one.  Northern will provide you with quality and craftsmanship, that is unheard of.  If you would like your needs met, please leave your contact info.   

Commercial/ Retail


Visualize, and then create, your desired atmosphere you want in your space.  Make your potential customers appeal to your space.  Ensure new clients are impressed by your attention to detail.  You want to portray a certain lifestyle, Northern will have your stainless needs.



Your house is an expression of one's individuality.  Add a Northern Stainless custom component to your home.  Do your dishes in a custom stainless steel sink.  Rest your arms on a sturdy stainless deck rail.  Walk up to your bedroom with a stainless steel handrail shimmering in the moonlight.  If you want stainless in your home, Northern Stainless is the place to inquire.

The Process

At Northern Stainless, craftsmanship is at the top of our minds.  Your products are fabricated by a few of the North's best welders.  They are the definition of blue collar.  They are backed by a design team who are fully immersed into CAD software.  The systems in place allow for work to flow through with minimal interruptions. Putting in efforts before allows the process be more efficient. Northern Stainless will continue to improve based on the demands of the market.




Northern makes every effort to obtail only the very best stainless steel available in North America. In fabricating stainless steel ladders and rail goods, Northern controls the quality of its workmanship and guarantees that quality. However, since Northern does not manufacture or control the type and quantities of chemicals in the pool during use, Northern cannot be responsible for the changes in, or failure of, the stainless steel materials.  

Stainless steel is not impervious to damage – chemicals and off-gassing from strong chemicals can damage the product, however proper care can mitigate these effects. Stainless Steel forms a natural invisible film (chrome-oxide) which protects the finish. When rusting contaminants (chloride salts, sulfides etc) are allowed to remain in contact with this protective film, they may break it down, which will accelerate the corrosion of the stainless steel. Regular maintenance as outlined below, will maintain the beauty of stainless steel.




Please follow the basic guidelines below to ensure the continued beauty of your stainless steel products.

  • Never store any stainless products near chemical products and never add any chemicals to pool water near any of the stainless steel product.

  • Occasional maintenance is required to maintain a proper finish on all stainless surfaces, we recommend the monthly application of a wax product (e.g. good car wax) to maintain the luster of your stainless steel product. And weekly cleaning with a quality glass cleaner and soft cloth.

  • A quality glass cleaner with a soft cotton cloth will help bring back the shine of your stainless steel product.

  • If a stainless steel product shows signs of discolouration or rust, this is typically only a surface rust mark and a mild non-abrasive stainless steel or brass cleaner and a damp cloth can be used to remove surface build-up and restore shine. The monthly application of a wax product (e.g. good car wax) will maintain the luster of your stainless steel product.

  • When any stainless product is used in an indoor facility, it is much more imperative that regular maintenance be done, vapours from chemicals in the air are trapped and will attack all metal components and cause discolouration or rusting.

  • All metal products around swimming pools need to be electrically bonded in accordance with local codes. Among other advantages, this will help preserve the superior shine and extend the life of the product.

Following these simple procedures will extend the life of your products and keep them looking good for many years.



Passivation Gel


Made by environmentally conscious chemists to meet the needs of industry and institutions. Their mission is to design and market cost-effective products that are safer, easier to use and easier on the earth than conventional metal treatment products. NS-NOX product makes metal treatment processes safer for staff and technicians in addition to reducing the environmental footprint of prod­uct application and disposal. Product develop­ment is conducted in accordance with ASTM standards. NS-NOX offers turn-key stainless steel care services to manufacturers of stainless steel equipment as well as to public and private sector institutions, such as hospitals, schools, grocery stores.





 More environmentally friendly than traditional chemical passiva­tion treatments, NS-NOX 11 removes impurities and promotes the formation of a thin transparent oxide film on your decontaminat­ed stainless steel surfaces. Chemical passivation ensures the formation of a more even protective skin compared to simple exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere, thus providing a better safeguard against corrosion.

Available in 500ml Spray Bottles CONTACT US today:

NS-NOX:  Passivation Gel for regular maintenance


Passivation Gel for regular maintenance